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Harrison High School10

Kennesaw, GA | Cobb County

January 4, 2015

Though most of the teachers at this school are at least competent, and the students are fairly friendly, the administration turns this 4 star school into a one star school at best. Because of the block scheduling, moving your child into this school halfway through the year will be discouraged by the administration. If you manage to get into the school, they will resent you and you will most likely lose some credits. If you transfer from a school with a different math program, you will most likely be lost because CCSD changes the math curriculum here frequently. The administration is also mostly comprised of rude, lazy, unhelpful people. I had a 4.3 GPA and after moving here, I failed math. The guidance office was less than helpful, even after the several attempts to contact the teacher made by my mother were ignored. Everytime I have to contact the guidance office or administration, it makes me sick to my stomach because I know that something will most likely go wrong or I'll get yelled at. This school puts every priority above their students, enroll elsewhere.

Submitted by a student

November 28, 2014

Sorry you didn't have a great experience but your situation is not typical at Harrison. Both of my boys graduated from Harrison. One was in AP classes and the younger had a learning disability. Both had excellent experiences with teachers, programs and staff. As parents we were very involved with the school and received nothing but the greatest of support for both boys. We didn't always agree with everything the teachers said in relation to our son with the disability, but each disagreement was handled with respect. As parents we took active roles in our sons learning experiences. They both were well prepared for college and excelled due in large part to the teaching at Harrison. I know that our experience is far more typical of what Harrison has to offer. Very satisfied parents

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May 18, 2014

I went to Harrison a few years back and had a MILD comprehension disability (along with a terrible GPA) Harrison highschool was nothing but a huge disappointment with helping students. Before graduation the assistant principal was in a meeting with my parents and a few of my teachers and told me and my parents "you're pretty, you can be a flight attendant..you don't have to go to college"...it was the biggest insult to me and my family. (My dad almost ripped right into them bc college is a DEMAND not a choice.) if you're a cheerleader or football player you will be set with the administration and staff because they care more about the sports than the academics. If your child struggles in school they will be "left behind." The only thing I will thank then for is giving me the drive to PROVE THEM wrong. I now have a 4.0, apart of national honors society and deans/presidents list. You should probably avoid this school, spend the extra cash and send your kids to private schools that have goals for kids and want to help the students.

November 19, 2013

Harrison high school is a good school if you have a child who is self-motivated, enjoys learning and is willing to take academically challenging classes. There is a strong emphasis on AP classes and if your child is on this track the quality of teaching is fairly good. If your child is not highly motivated and enjoys school Harrison can be a challenge. Students take only 4 classes per semester and it is a full year of that subject crammed into 18 weeks. Teachers seem to find it difficult to teach all of the material during the 18 weeks and, from what we heard from our children, rarely taught for the entire class period of 1 hour and 50 minutes. The administration seems more concerned about football than education and there is little to indicate that they are invested in making Harrison a great school rather than just coasting along to retirement.

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September 7, 2013

This school is not good to transfer to or from unless you can time your move for the summer months. The principal has chosen a 4x4 system - instead of having 8 classes for a full year the students have 4 classes each semester. We wanted to buy a house near the school but we can't because we can't wait until the summer to move.

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July 19, 2013

This is a wonderful school for academics, performing arts, and sports! Most students graduate with great GPAs and get into top schools across the country! Harrison is all about their extra-curricular activities! The marching band is well appreciated and loved and gets to experience a lot of once in a life things! All of the E.C. programs strongly enforce the academic requirements to be involved in the programs. The football team is fairly good and has a great support system from the student body. Harrison's baseball team is extremely successful each year, along with the Track and Field team. Also, the drama department is very talented and well funded. The students that graduate from the theater program tend to move on to bigger and better theatrical opportunities! It is an overall wonderful school, and all students are strongly encouraged to be involved in E.C. programs and to challenge themselves with honors and AP courses.

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June 3, 2013

Harrison has great programs. If you're not already involved in them, don't expect much sympathy from them. Despite what many teachers and students have cited as poor leadership from the principal, it has several of the best teachers in the state, but they mostly only teach AP classes. The special ed department looks very active and supportive and has great student support, but maybe (from other reviews) is not as inclusive as it should be or not as effective as it looks from the outside. Has a history of shedding great administrators and budget cuts that somehow don't seem to touch athletics, including the subpar football program. It has been suggested that this, along with the Superior Plumbing ads throughout the building and draconian attendance policies, is related to gaining money and reputation on paper. If you're a student and not in any of the programs, I'd suggest joining at least one or, if you have a good-on-paper reason, letting counseling know why you can't (they're not mean when they start to recognize your face; it's worth introducing yourself) so they can use you as another example of how great the school is.

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May 28, 2013

This is a great school to go to! It has a ton of opportunities for extracurricular activities and clubs. It has a nation- wide recognized marching band and has an awesome football team. The students here are always encouraging and fun to be around. After all this is ranked the 3rd best high school in Georgia and has been recognized by George W. Bush. If you are debating between Harrison and another Cobb COunty high school, this one wins by far!

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June 17, 2011

All you have to do to find out what kind of school we're dealing with is to walk into the office. There you will be graced with some of the rudest woman on the planet. If they trouble to even look your way then you're doing well. This is not just an experience I alone have had. Most every parent I speak to feels the same way. It makes you wonder Who's in charge. Surely this has been brought to the principals attention. Truly a shame as the feeder schools of Bullard and Mcclure have wonderful staff.

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March 4, 2011

A big disappointment. Our child had to repeat freshman year and still doesn't know multiplication tables. There was an IEP in place, and it did nothing. Our child WAS left behind, and gossiped about in the office by ADULTS that should have been more professional. Ridiculous games played here. If you are not one of the HAVES with a straight A student, there will be little options for your child. This is a very snobby, 'money' area and the kids are incredibly rude, and bully others constantly - my child was constantly belittled, teased and threatened. NOT MY CHOICE for a school, and that's why I moved. Bad communication. Apathetic teachers. Backbiting attitudes. No effort for special needs kids that I could see. Only a handful of teachers here really CARE what happens to my child, and possibly yours.

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December 2, 2009

Excellent opportunities for AP classes. Typical problems for a large suburban affluent community.

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April 30, 2009

The teachers are wonderful, very knowledgeable. The Performing Arts program is outstanding. The ROTC unit is always helping and doing something for the school/community. The principle, however, is terrible, rude, and biased he only helps the athletic department. If you are not an athlete or a person with patience then this school is not a school for you. The people are always rude and unruly. Athletes are constantly getting treated better than most should.

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February 28, 2009

We moved our student from a private school to Harrison HS starting their freshman year. No regrets whatsoever. Academically, there are plenty of challenging courses available. It may be somewhat more difficult for students who struggle academically to deal with HHS. Our student is well prepared for college as they will start their senior year in the fall.

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November 15, 2008

Harrison High, like everything, else has it's good and bad points. Good: AP classes/music dept/sports/student spirit and involvement/security/some teachers....Bad: cafe food/principal is rude/phony kids (ie the movie 'Mean Girls'-you could literally get lost in a sea of straight blonde hair! ) some teachers/racism still exists (the Good Old South raises it's ugly head-Oh! except at football games when the black football stars take the field.) But, in general, if your child takes the opportunities afforded him, an above average education obtainable.

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August 21, 2008

As always, a school can always look very good while under the watchful eyes of a investigator, but when it boils down to it, HHS is just another school. There is no real exceptional challange, or lack of challage. Some classes are much easier than others, and some are harder. The school uses block scheduling, which is nice for getting credits, and the amount of classes available is nice. However, drugs are a mild problem (with all high schools), and gangs are NOT a problem. Overall, i would say that being a student at harrison high is nice if one looks forward to AP classes, or likes block scheduling. But it is pretty much just... AVERAGE

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